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Your Inspired Life Vision

4 week Transformational

Life Guidance Program

For People in Late Teens and Twenties to Gain Clarity and Passion about Life & Career Path

Teenagers in Park

Do You Have a Vision that Inspires Your Path Forward?

Wandering Traveler

A 4 week program facilitated by 
Energy Reader & Life Guide, Zazz Daniel

Is this you?

Image by Danilo Ćalić

Finding your Inspired Life Vision

How you’ll know when you’re embodying your Inspired Life Vision? 
You’ll know it when…

Image by Kalen Emsley

I see that you - and every person - has unique gifts. 
I recognize these gifts as evolutionary seeds that, when shared, help collective consciousness rise. 
As you recognize and share your gifts, you’ll have clarified life purpose, deep satisfaction, and your energetic well being grows.
And new possibilities arise from your refreshed insight & vision.
I use my ability to see the gifts of others - particularly younger people entering the world beyond school - and combine it with my experience in coaching and mind/body training to help young people rise in happiness and inspired purpose.
I’m here to call & mentor your gifts to bring you happiness & prosperity & to share them with the world, & making the world a better place.
You can do this.
I’m here to encourage & support you.

Apply here to access your Journey to your Inspired Life Vision 

Week 1:

Energy Reading and Gift Recognition. This week you'll get an energy reading and we'll discuss the gifts that are coming forward.

Week 2:

Applications and Possibilities. This week, we'll explore some ways you might use your gifts in your life and career.

Week 3:

Shadows and Ecstasies. This week, we'll dive into the shadow side of your gifts and uncover what your gifts are teaching you.

Week 4:

Inspired Life Vision. On the last week, we'll put together a life vision plan with next steps that you can take forward.

  • Is a deposit required?
    Yes, $100 non-refundable. Remaining/full payment after first session
  • What are results I can expect from this “journey”
  • What is the cost?
  • How do I integrate my learning & higher awareness?
    During the 30 day Journey to your Inspired Life Vision, we use accountability markers to help you grow towards self trust and ability to follow through.
  • Why do I have to apply?

Apply here to access your Journey to your Inspired Life Vision 

  • Coaching for 40+ years. 1st at tennis professional 1977-1990

  • Professional Photographer, 10 years on Central California Coast

  • Coach certification: 2003 , 2017

  • Creator/Developer of AudioFitness, endorsed by Deepak Chopra, who said about AudioFitnes, Deepak Chopra said about AudioFitnes, “A truly beautiful experience”

  • Founder/CEO, StoryAd Network: An advertising network, Partnered with Kennedy Club Fitness (16 screens) to present narrative about specific businesses highlighting their attributes (gifts adjacent)

  • Spiritual Genealogy (attributes through generations)  at Agape International, Los Angeles. 2009

  • Listening for the Insights, Transitions Mental Health 2018-2020 Note: This is the process

  • 2009: Spiritual Geneology Workshop Facilitator, Agape International, Los Angeles, CA

  • The Wellness Coast LLC Mind body experiences
    Uber Energy Reader

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